Time moves in one direction that is forward


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Someone asked me a few weeks ago if I could change my past and what I did before what would it be? I had many instances and incidents to mention and there I was thinking if I did that different I would have prevented causing grief to some people and myself. But after a few mins I realized no matter how much I want to change the past, I cant change it. What is done is done, what I can do is take responsibility for my past achievements and mistakes and focus on what I should do right for tomorrow. I cant change my yesterday but I can change my tomorrow.

Bottom line is God isn’t concerned about what you did in the past or what you wish you could have done differently but what you are doing about it and what you will do for tomorrow. We all did things we regret doing in the past but taking responsibility is the first step to move forward just as God did with us when we got saved. An example if a boy have a child before he is married, it is a mistake along the way he gets saved it doesn’t mean he is not supposed to take care and look after the child because he made a mistake and sinned before he was saved. He cant be like i am a new creature so i have nothing to do with my past. He has to take responsibility for that and still do good for his tomorrow. If you want to let go of your past the first step is taking responsibility where you need to. Take responsibility and shape your tomorrow, change your tomorrow so that it can be what God wants it to be like.

Have a blessed week. Lots of love.

God bless you all

Prepare and position yourself for possession


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Through the years as a born again Christian I have always wondered why it that for example the bible says “ask anything in my name and you shall receive.” I would ask and still not receive. “In my name they will drive out demons” I would try it and still nothing happened. It troubled me a lot as a new believer until I understood about positioning yourself for possession.

(2 Kings 7:3-8) Now there were four men with leprosyd at the entrance of the city gate. They said to each other, “Why stay here until we die? 4If we say, ‘We’ll go into the city’—the famine is there, and we will die. And if we stay here, we will die. So let’s go over to the camp of the Arameans and surrender. If they spare us, we live; if they kill us, then we die.”…

1. In the old days if someone had leprosy they would be cast out of the city and for these 4 men it was part of their preparation for what God had in store for them. They had the answer for a war that was to come but still they were rejected by the city they were meant to save. No one was able to see what God had put in them, they suffered but it was all part of the preparation.

2. The second thing is they positioned themselves at the gate this is important because if the war came when they were not being persecuted at the gate they wouldn’t have saved the city. They had to be at a certain position in a certain season in order for them to possess what God had in store for them, suppose they were not positioned at the gate they wouldn’t have saved the city.

3. The last thing they did is actually taking the action to possess what they were meant to possess, they actually had to face in the direction of the enemy and take that first step of faith towards the camp. The last part is equally important, if they had prepared and positioned themselves but still not possess all would have being in vain.

Most of us Christians we are losing the plot on the preparation, the moment someone speaks against us we bail out, the moment we start being persecuted we give up, when they cast us out of the City we curse God not knowing its all part of the greater thing. It’s so sad how we fail right at the beginning. Positioning ourselves is equally important because we may be prepared but if we are not correctly positioned we will miss the plot, if we are have wrong friends, in wrong relationships, wrong career choice, wrong direction we will not be able to possess the promises God made to us.If we are to possess we also need to take that step of faith and trust God will do it, we have to take  action in the right direction towards our purpose and do what we have being called for.

Have a blessed week :)

God bless you all in Jesus Name.

Never stop believing

So many times in life we face many distractions and obstacles which will discourage us, we get distracted so much that we fail to see the bigger picture. We forget our dreams and what we have always wanted. As you watch this video just see how a 13-year-old girl never allowed all the obstacles in her life to stop her from getting where she wanted. Stay positive.

Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean life would be smooth, we like it to be but that’s not always the case and all we need to do is keep believing and always remind ourselves that the night will pass away. Obstacles are there but what makes other people more successful than others is what we do when we face obstacles. Do you give up? Do you try again? Do you keep on pursuing? Do you cry? What you do is what determines what you will achieve.

Have a blessed week :)

Let go or be dragged (poem)

Let go or be dragged

………But you promised me…………………
Through thick and thin you will be with me
With all my weaknesses you will be with me
When I am soaked in tears you will comfort me
You promised to be on one knee for me
You promised I will walk down the aisle for you
What happened to all those dreams and promises?
What happened to the old me?
The old me that didn’t trust MEN?

I would cross half the world for you
I would do anything just to be with you
You gave me the courage to confront my fears,
WAIT or was I wrong?Was I supposed to be scared of you only
When I gave up on love that’s when I found you
You made me see life differently
I would change just to be your “Mrs Right”
All I wanted is to be the last person you see at night
To be the first person you see in the morning.
WAIT all those dreams have being destroyed by YOU.

The only man I trusted betrayed me
The person who made me believe in LOVE again stabbed me in the back
You tore my heart into pieces
In fact you crushed it into million pieces
You destroyed one thing I valued the most, MY SANITY
I trusted you with my life, my secrets and you betrayed me
Now to me LOVE is just a word close to LIES
Still I can’t let you go!!!
You have to marry me
I am what you are looking for

It’s easy for people to tell me to let go
Yes it is the most rational thing to do
But also easier said than done
People don’t feel what I feel
If I don’t let go I am signing my own death wish
I am drinking my own poison
What if I force him to be with me,
Will I also force him to stay?
Clearly this isn’t what I dreamed about.

I remember my dream wedding well
I was 5 years old and I didn’t have a gun
It was a beautiful day marking the beginning of great happiness
But true happiness comes only with people who care about me
I can hang on to him but will I be happy?
Am I ready to be dragged along like trash?
Definitely not……
I cry with my heart and smile with my face
I pour my heart to the Lord, my true love
He is the one who was, who is and is to come

Now I smile not because I am fine
I smile because I trust God will see me through
I smile because I know he loves and cares about me
I smile because I know help is on the way
I smile because I know I am who he says I am,
I am the royal priesthood I am the chosen generation
I smile because he is on my side all the way,
He holds my hand, when I fall He picks me up.
I smile because I can face tomorrow as a victor not a victim
I smile because I will not to be dragged along

Have a blessed day :)

The essence of Worship

Worship is one thing God can not do for himself,
God can not worship himself,
Its something sacred that makes God’s heart cry,
He created me and you so that we worship him, He created special beings (Seraphims) just to worship him
Seraphim literally means “burning ones”
These angels burn with the desire to worship
All they do is cry “HOLY HOLY HOLY”

If you want to touch the heart of God “WORSHIP”
If you wish to grow spiritually “WORSHIP him more”
WORSHIP is something so sacred to God
He is moved by worship He is the a rich God
He is the one who commands things into being ………….

Yet he can not worship himself
Only if we understood how privileged we are…
How favored we are…

My papa once told me to say more words to God than to men…

Always adore him all the time say more words of worship to him this week and have a blessed week.

God bless you all :)

Signing off

ImageI remember 10 months ago 17 February when I first published this blog it only had 3 followers me and my 2 friends but now 10 months later we have 989 followers just left with 11 to reach a thousand followers. It’s not about the numbers but i just hope with every post that was ever posted someone found it useful and it revived tired souls. Thank you for your continued support. Some days we had over 90 views in a day and through you we were able to share the message with all these countries online. It is my prayer that the God who made this possible bless you.

Otherwise have a merry Christmas and a Happy new year, don’t forget the birthday boy during this festive season.

God bless you

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When God seems silent 2

ImageSo yesterday I had an encounter with someone who told  me in my face that I don’t deserve to get one of the awards I received this year. It was hard for me to take in because this is someone I thought was a good friend of mine, someone close. I prayed and was really asking God why this was happening and why now but God seemed silent. Then today during my quite time I was meditating on 2 Kings 2: 20-22 He said, “Bring me a brand-new bowl and put some salt in it.” They brought it to him. He then went to the spring, sprinkled the salt into it, and proclaimed, “God’s word: I’ve healed this water. It will no longer kill you or poison your land.” And sure enough, the water was healed- and remains so to this day, Just as Elisha said. (MSG) I am pretty sure when the prophets saw Elisha putting salt in already salty water they were concerned, they were worried if it was going to be worse than it was but they trusted in the man of God. They trusted in the anointing upon his life.

That’s one area as Christians we fail, we fail to trust God is the driver and if he puts more salt in our situations we facing it’s for edification, its for our own good. We should just be like passengers in a bus. If you notice you will realize passengers in a bus or plane especially the long distance trips they sleep comfortably and peacefully, none of them worries about what if they don’t ever make it to their destination, their trust and loyalties lie in the driver or the pilot. All they do is strap in, they will be bumps along the way, roadblocks, turbulence but they are never moved they still trust the guy behind the wheel will get them to their destination. We must do the same no matter what let us trust the guy behind the wheel. God has got this we should just strap in and enjoy the journey.

Have a blessed day :)hang on