Father’s day message

I may not be a father and I may not know how it is like to be one, but what I do know is being a son and I know what sons expect from their fathers.

Being a father is more than just being the head of the family.
Its more than having authority in the house.
Its more than what a family can and can’t do for you,
Rather its about what you can do for them.
Its not about what your father’s did not do for you,
But what you can do for your children.

Its not about how you were raised,
Its about how you will raise your children.
Being a father is not part time,
Its about being there for your family all the time.

Being a father is about mentoring your children
Its about being a role model for your children.
Its about your children wanting to be like you.
Its about showing that kind of love,
The kind of love our FATHER in heaven shows us.

Being a father is about fighting for you family on your knees
Its never about taking a back seat.
Its about praying, teaching and leading your family closer to Christ

Being a father is about mentoring sons to be great fathers for the next generation. Building a generation that fears God is not in the hands of your sons but in your hands. They will be what you make them to be.

What makes a man a father is not sleeping with a woman but being there for the children after they are born (Michael)


Hillsong – Inside out

A thousand times I have failed, but I still press on towards the goal not because I don’t get discouraged. Its not because I am always strong. They are times I am weak and I feel like I will never win this race but God is my strength. I keep going because the thought of losing myself in bringing HIM Glory and praise keeps me going :)

Have a blessed day

Kim Walker Smith- Where you go I go

Though the world forgets what he has done for us, never forget what Jesus did for us on the cross. For everything he did for you this week never forget to be thankful.

Have a blessed Thursday

God bless you all :)

From the throne to manger

ImageToday as I was walking home in the rain, I was thinking how wonderful it will be when I get to my warm room and make a hot cup of coffee. They are good thoughts but they were short-lived when I started thinking, what if I didn’t have a home to go to, no warm room to get to? and i will be staying in the cold rain the whole night. It made me realize how sometimes as Christians take some things for granted and we busy getting comfortable in our warm comfort zones. It’s like we create our own world forgetting the world we live in is full of unbelievers as well.

Jesus left his magnificent throne, he left all the servants and angels, he left the Seraphims worshiping an empty throne for 33 years. He left the throne to go sleep in a manger, his first night in the world he came to save he shared the night with animals. The world he came to save couldn’t find a decent place for its King to be born, he knew it but still he came because he had you and me in mind. Bottom line is that he left the pleasures of heaven and sacrificed certain privileges just so that you and me could be saved. We as Christians sometimes we fail to sacrifice some of our pleasures for those who are not saved for example.

For example I have seen many of my friends drink alcohol. They may be nothing wrong with drinking but the act of getting drunk, some fellow Christians and non-believers may actually backslide because of your actions. Some people will just not be receptive to the word you share with them simply because they don’t understand why you drink and you Christian. Please don’t get me wrong it may be the wrong perception and you may not be sinning in any way but you may still cause harm to fellow brethren and to non-believers. Wouldn’t it be better if you could sacrifice drinking in this case? In deed it would be better if you would sacrifice the drinking habit simply because you are going to save fellow brethren. Its sacrificing some pleasures for the greater good. Jesus is the perfect example he sacrificed the throne to go sleep in a manger for the greater good. Why can’t we do the same for others as well?

Strive to do the greater good!!! Have a blessed day

God bless you all :)

Jesus is ALIVE!!!

Yes he died on the cross but he still lives.
RIP which means Rest In Peace….
To Jesus R.I.P means RISE IN POWER.
The cross was empty, they checked the grave and was empty as well.
They are empty because Jesus is Alive!!!
Seated at the right hand of the father.
I don’t serve a dead Jesus, the one I serve is ALIVE.

To those who know me personally will know how much I love Kim Walker Smith. As you listen to this song may the Jesus who is alive start working in you for he didn’t die in vain. He died so we will make it known Jesus is alive in us today.

Have a blessed week :)

Time moves in one direction that is forward


image by uk telegraph

Someone asked me a few weeks ago if I could change my past and what I did before what would it be? I had many instances and incidents to mention and there I was thinking if I did that different I would have prevented causing grief to some people and myself. But after a few mins I realized no matter how much I want to change the past, I cant change it. What is done is done, what I can do is take responsibility for my past achievements and mistakes and focus on what I should do right for tomorrow. I cant change my yesterday but I can change my tomorrow.

Bottom line is God isn’t concerned about what you did in the past or what you wish you could have done differently but what you are doing about it and what you will do for tomorrow. We all did things we regret doing in the past but taking responsibility is the first step to move forward just as God did with us when we got saved. An example if a boy have a child before he is married, it is a mistake along the way he gets saved it doesn’t mean he is not supposed to take care and look after the child because he made a mistake and sinned before he was saved. He cant be like i am a new creature so i have nothing to do with my past. He has to take responsibility for that and still do good for his tomorrow. If you want to let go of your past the first step is taking responsibility where you need to. Take responsibility and shape your tomorrow, change your tomorrow so that it can be what God wants it to be like.

Have a blessed week. Lots of love.

God bless you all

Prepare and position yourself for possession


Picture from HOLYHOME.NL

Through the years as a born again Christian I have always wondered why it that for example the bible says “ask anything in my name and you shall receive.” I would ask and still not receive. “In my name they will drive out demons” I would try it and still nothing happened. It troubled me a lot as a new believer until I understood about positioning yourself for possession.

(2 Kings 7:3-8) Now there were four men with leprosyd at the entrance of the city gate. They said to each other, “Why stay here until we die? 4If we say, ‘We’ll go into the city’—the famine is there, and we will die. And if we stay here, we will die. So let’s go over to the camp of the Arameans and surrender. If they spare us, we live; if they kill us, then we die.”…

1. In the old days if someone had leprosy they would be cast out of the city and for these 4 men it was part of their preparation for what God had in store for them. They had the answer for a war that was to come but still they were rejected by the city they were meant to save. No one was able to see what God had put in them, they suffered but it was all part of the preparation.

2. The second thing is they positioned themselves at the gate this is important because if the war came when they were not being persecuted at the gate they wouldn’t have saved the city. They had to be at a certain position in a certain season in order for them to possess what God had in store for them, suppose they were not positioned at the gate they wouldn’t have saved the city.

3. The last thing they did is actually taking the action to possess what they were meant to possess, they actually had to face in the direction of the enemy and take that first step of faith towards the camp. The last part is equally important, if they had prepared and positioned themselves but still not possess all would have being in vain.

Most of us Christians we are losing the plot on the preparation, the moment someone speaks against us we bail out, the moment we start being persecuted we give up, when they cast us out of the City we curse God not knowing its all part of the greater thing. It’s so sad how we fail right at the beginning. Positioning ourselves is equally important because we may be prepared but if we are not correctly positioned we will miss the plot, if we are have wrong friends, in wrong relationships, wrong career choice, wrong direction we will not be able to possess the promises God made to us.If we are to possess we also need to take that step of faith and trust God will do it, we have to take  action in the right direction towards our purpose and do what we have being called for.

Have a blessed week :)

God bless you all in Jesus Name.