Let Go Part 1

images (3)I am going to divide it into different parts but as you will see as we go on everything is connected. Hurt has become the definition of many lives in our daily lives, people are broken. 2 week old girls are being raped, 90-year-old ladies are being raped. Men are cheating women are cheating and leave a trail of broken hearts in the way. Babies are being dumped each day. Abortion has become the story of the day. Men they don’t love their families anymore, the very people who were supposed to be warriors in the front line are too busy focused on what their parents didn’t do for them whilst their families are fading away. Parents don’t love their kids as they should, children raised by single parents. Hurt is real in all communities.

Like how Michael W Smith sang in one of his songs that “people will tell you time will heal but you just know they don’t feel what you feel.” It’s easy for people to tell you to let go and they do make it sound very easy when in actual fact it’s not easy at all. Letting go is probably the one of the most difficult challenges you will face as a Christian. The day you and I repented what happened is the devil started fighting and what he uses as his weapons is our past. The devil never wants to let go its his nature that’s why even today although he knows he was defeated he is still holding on, he still fights because he doesn’t wanna let go. I am not going to lie to you and say its easy to let go or that I can easily let go, or I will give you a solution on how to let go, they is only one way you can let go and to do that you need help from above. Only God can help you to let go of that hurt, burden you are carrying.

Some of you have experienced pain first hand, you never experienced love in your life, some of you were abused by your parents or family member. You can be bitter for the rest of your life because of that but at the end of the day the only person who suffers is you. The Holy Ghost is the only one who can help you forgive because the first thing you need to do in order to let go is to forgive. Not forgiving will only destroy you not the person needing the forgiveness. Minister Victor once said “not forgiving is like drinking poison and expect someone else to die”. If you don’t forgive you can’t let go and it will destroy you.

Being a man who lived most of my life with this hurt and now when i look back I see how it destroyed me. I just want to say this to fellow-men out there not that females are not affected as well but its more common in males. No matter how you were raised or the hurt that you carrying, no matter what our fathers didn’t do for us we still have the responsibility and we still need to understand how crucial our role is in the lives of our children. A father’s character should be able to display the character of God the father in heaven. No matter how much hurt you suffered or what you hold against anyone you have to courageously step up and let go. Fathers should be involved in the lives of their children, walk with your children and be the representation of the character of God even though what our fathers didn’t do for us makes it look impossible for us to do the same. It’s not easy at all but with the help of God from above we will make it happen. We should seek to win the hearts of our children, if we don’t teach them the right ways or to let go, what kind of generation we will be raising? The hurts that you carry as a father doesn’t just affect you, it affects your children as well and their children and many generations to come. As a father you are accountable and responsible for the position of influence God gave you, you can’t fall asleep at the wheel and only to realize your grudge and hurts has affected many generations. Your hurts doesn’t have eternal value but the souls of your wife and children do, what would you sacrifice???

Have a blessed day :)images (4)

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